American Ephemeris 20th Century - ACS
American Ephemeris 21st Century - ACS
Ascendant: Your Karmic Doorway – Martin Schulman
Astrologer’s Handbook – Sakoian & Acker
Astrological Insights into Personality – Betty Lunsted
Astrology, Psychology & the 4 Elem – Stephen Arroyo
Basic Astrology (s) – Sandy Anastasi
CYCLES: Application of Energy Within the Natural Cycle - John Maerz
Houses of the Horoscope: An Introduction – Alan Oken
Intermediate Astrology – Sandy Anastasi
Karmic Asty Vol. I: Moon’s Nodes & Reinc. – Martin Schulman
Karmic Asty Vol. II: Retrogrades & Reinc. – Martin Schulman
Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs – Linda Goodman
Lunar Nodes – Diane Ronngren
Lunar Nodes – Mohan Koparkar
Moon’s Mansions, The – Mohan Koparkar
Moon’s Nodes, The – George White
Planets in Aspect – Robert Pelletier
Planets in Composite – Robert Hand
Planets in Houses – Robert Pelletier
Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
Retrograde Planets – Erin Sullivan
Retrogrades – Mohan Koparkar
Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil – Liz Greene
Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan

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