AE1-Eso-Asty-Cass-CvrAE1 ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY - Explore the work of Alice Bailey and Ernest Wood through the use of the 7 rays; their meanings, components, uses and their correspondences to many other sciences. Instructor: Maerz. Five week CD set - $75.

AEW2 TALENT, ABILITY AND THE RAYS - This workshop gives an interpretation of vocation using esoteric principles. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE3-Couns-Asty-CD-CvrAE3 COUNSELING SKILLS - A special class directed at both counseling and interpretation. Emphasis is placed on recognition of the client's needs and the presentation of alternatives toward growth. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Three week CD set - $45.

AE4 RELATIONSHIP CHARTS - Learn how to erect and interpret charts between individuals and/or groups while showing 4 alternative means of evaluation: synastry, composite, midpoints and potential charts. Instructor: Anastasi. Three week CD set - $45.

AE5-Interp-Prog-CD-CvrAE5 INTERPRETING PROGRESSIONS - An in depth study of progressions and their interpretation by exploring individual planets, houses, signs and aspects. Emphasis is given to a multidimensional approach yielding a larger range of possibilities. Instructor: Anastasi. Six week CD set - $90.


AE6a ADVANCED CALCULATION - Learn to interpolate any point between two degrees. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE6b RECTIFICATION - Having no birth time is not as bad as it seems. Learn Bernadette Brady's method and be assured that you will locate the ascendant. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE6c ASTRONOMY 4 ASTROLOGERS - Have you ever wondered what a node or declination actually looked like? Learn these answers and more through diagrams and explanations.  Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE6d RELOCATION CHARTS - Moving from one location to another changes your houses but not your planetary positions. Find out how you can use this to your advantage. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.



AE7 HORARY ASTROLOGY - Learn to construct charts as a function of asking a specific question(s) and even find missing objects or persons. Instructor: Anastasi. Three week CD set - $45.

AE8 MIDPOINT ASTROLOGY - Utilize the power of these sensitive points with the use of the 90ø dial as they are contacted by transits, progressions and relationships.  Instructor: Maerz.  Two week CD set - $30.

AE9 PATHWORKING THE RAYS - An inner growth class based on the planetary rays and understanding their effects on us and the effects of the planets that they work thru via guided visualizations. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Eight week CD set - $120.

AE10-Interp-Aspects-CD-CvrAE10 INTERPRETING ASPECTS - learn how to locate and interpret all of the major and minor aspects from squares to quintiles in natal charts and transits. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Eight week CD set - $75.


AE11a LILITH, THE DARK MOON - Learn in what sign and house Lilith will deny you your desires that  you may grow out of spiritual immaturity. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE11b CHIRON, THE HEALER - Chiron heals and teaches us. Find out how he works through your chart. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE11c VULCAN, THE FORGE - The purging fires can be a bear to work through, yet, what is smelted  provides raw materials for new growth. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

 AE11d FIXED STARS - The ancients used fixed stars to determine what to expect in life. Where are yours? Find out. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

AE11-Lsr-Kn-Bodies-Cass-CvrAE11 LESSER KNOWN BODIES SERIES: All four - CD Wkshps. - $60.



AE12-NRG-Pat-Asp-CD-CvrAE12 ENERGY PATTERNS & ASPECTS - Learn how the interaction of aspects produces a specific energy pattern that channels our energy in a way that forces us to deal with our karmic issues whether we are willing or not. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Three week CD set - $45.

AE13 MINOR ASPECTS - Minor aspects have been long neglected by the astrological community. Their subtlety and consistent effects follow a regular cycle yielding some surprising results. Instructor: Maerz. Two week CD set - $30.

AE14-Karmic-Asty-Cass-CvrAE14 KARMIC ASTROLOGY - Taken from a reincarnation perspective relative to lessons, the planets, signs and houses take on a whole new meaning. Find out how some of those puzzling positions fit into the scheme of things. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Three week CD set - $45.

AE15-Med-Asty-Cass-CvrAE15 MEDICAL ASTROLOGY - Learn how to look for, find and deal with medical problems in the chart. Lecture contains detailed knowledge for the astrologer who is interested in delineating illnesses, their causes, the organs involved, their respective emotions, acupuncture meridians and much more. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Three week CD set - $45.

AE16-CDAE16 ASTROLOGY FOR YOURSELF Part 1 - Would you like to know about astrology but don't want to get involved with all the math and setup work? Then this is the class for you! Learn about the personality traits, habits and hang-ups for each sign, planet and house. Understand why each sign does what they do from a personal perspective. Fun and educational! NO MATH! Instructor: Anastasi. Seven week CD set $105.

AE17-CDAE17 ASTROLOGY FOR YOURSELF: Part 2; UNDERSTANDING TRANSITS - Would you like to know about astrology but don't want to get involved with all the math and setup work? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to read the planetary movements directly out of the ephemeris and relate them to yours and others' life experiences. Fun and educational! NO MATH! Instructor: Anastasi. Seven week CD set $105

NOTE: You may order the first lesson of any series of 4 or more CDs for $17.95 in order to sample the course and later order the rest of the series with the discount normally given for the entire set. Eg: Order A1 CD 1 for $17.95 then, later order the other CDs for $87.05. To do so, please contact the webmaster at (941) 286-1562.

There will be NO refunds for media classes, only exchanges for the same CD if there is a defect.

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