A1-Bas Asty-CD-CvrA1 BASIC ASTROLOGY - Learn the basic meanings of the planets, signs and houses from a psychological and family perspective while beginning to integrate them in chart interpretation. This is a wonderful foundation for the beginning student or for anyone wanting to know more about the psychology of the sun signs, how they operate and how they can reach their best potential. Instructor: Anastasi. Seven week CD set - $105.

A2-Interm-Asty-CD-CvrA2 INTERMEDIATE ASTROLOGY - Learn a simplified, yet accurate, method of chart construction without the use of a computer. This will teach you the "old way" of formatting a chart. Learn the old rulerships. day and night rulerships, the angles, aspects and their meanings and the finer attributes of what gives an astrological chart its character. Discussions will also cover our karmic beginnings and the art of holistic interpretation. Instructor: Anastasi. Seven week CD set - $105.

A3-CD-CvrA3 INTERPRETING ASTROLOGY for Purpose, Power and Perspective -  Take a look at and enhance your knowledge of planets, houses, signs, transits and aspects from a life purpose and growth oriented point of view. With attention to karmic beginnings and current situations John takes a closer look at the dynamic flow of energy in yearly cycles, life change points, reaping and sowing hemispheres, planetary pictures, final dispositors & opening and closing aspects of planetary cycles. Coverage also extends to integrating transiting planetary triggers with the internal dynamics of progressions and their timing. Instructor: Maerz. Six week CD set - $90.

Pic-CyclesCYCtxt CYCLES: The Application of Energy Within the Natural Cycle - Textbook - In nature a river is a symbol of life. It moves following the natural laws of gravity and motion following the path of least resistance. When we are relaxed and allow the current to carry us, we follow the same pattern of travel. However, humans are not known for being relaxed and passive. Some of us will even be stupid enough to swim against the current. Life is exactly the same. Despite the fact that we feel the currents, we still create difficulties and wear ourselves out by swimming against the current because we don't understand the dynamics of how energies flow in their natural cycle. Utilizing the combination of Moon phases, Saturn transits, Uranus transits, the I Ching & Pagan holidays, this book will help you recognize the natural patterns of flow in our lives so we may foresee shifts and have a clearer understanding of how to prepare for what comes next. Paperback 103 Pages - ISBN 978-0-557-27153-5 - $15.95


A4a-Retro-CD-CvrA4a RETROGRADE PLANETS - Retrograde planets don’t actually go backwards but their appearance of doing so gives us a doorway for change through “regrouping” our experiences. Different planets will go retrograde at different times and for different amounts of time depending on which planet you focus on. During the time that they are retrograde you have an opportunity to "catch up" on implementing the energy they've been providing you. Find out how to interpret retrograde planets in your natal charts as well as by transit. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4b-Interceptions-CD-CvrA4b INTERCEPTIONS - Depending on what house system you may be using a pair of signs can end up "floating" between the cusps of the surrounding signs. This will have the effect of leaving them no cusp to focus their energy and issues through. The "freefloating" energy will then "seep" through into all the other houses. All the other houses will now have to incorporate the energy of that pair of signs into their domains. This class will consider their effects as they permeate the throughout the chart. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4c-Eclipse-CD-CvrA4c ECLIPSES - Eclipses occur approximately every six months. They occur within a six week preview period which gives insight as to the nature of the oncoming events occurring over the next six month. They follow a pattern called a Saros cycle which extends over a number of years presenting a progressing pattern of events leading to a closure.  The class also cover the prenatal eclipse for each personal chart which give deeper insight and significance to the chart's underlying participation in each historical cycle. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4d MUTUAL RECEPTIONS - What happens when planets, houses and signs exchange rulerships? The results can be extremely interesting. Reception charts included. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4e-Lun-Nodes-CD-CvrA4e LUNAR NODES - As one of the most misunderstood factors in astrological interpretation the lunar nodes indicate past life patterns that we must cleanly incorporate into our daily life situations. Rather than indicating what you should or shouldn't do, they indicate the polarity of energy and circumstances that are in need of re-balancing. In this they contain a reservoir of past life energy that, if ignored, will create contentious and puzzling life experiences until they are acknowledged, addressed and resolved. Find out how, where and why these adjustments must be made. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4f-Lun-Ph-CD-CvrA4f LUNAR PHASES - What lunar phase were you born under? Why is it important? Lunar phases were used by the ancients to determine when to plant and reap. Humans are no different from the earth in following this pattern? Dynamic changes in our attitude and emotional dispositions have been documented when the moon phases peak and ebb at full and new just like the ocean's tides. The phases show the cyclic pattern influencing our physical, emotional and mental world. Learn the progression of phases in order to understand and predict patterns our behavior and circumstances eventually leading to a tangible conclusion. Besides the Moon, the planets also move through phases not dissimilar to the Moon's.  Find out how the phases influence the way you approach your life. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4g DECANS, NUMBERS AND SABIAN SYMBOLS - Follow the path of numbers and their meanings, the threefold division of each sign and the symbolic imagery of each degree through application to and interpretation of the chart. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD $17.95.

A4h-MedAsty-CD-CvrA4h MEDICAL ASTROLOGY - Different systems and organs relate to different signs and planets. The aspects between the different planets and their hosting signs contribute greatly to how the organs and system relate to each other. If there is a stressful aspect or conflicting sign, organs and systems may work at contrary purposes or actually interfere with each other's functioning. Hereditary issues also show up in the chart as well as times their conditions are exacerbated or move toward remission or elimination. Learn how to look for, find and deal with medical problems in the chart. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD $17.95.


A5-Progr&Ret-CD-CvrA5 PROGRESSIONS & RETURNS - After our birth the planets continue moving. When they move in real time they're called transits and can be calculated for the chart that will result when they move around the zodiac and return to their original position. This is call a planetary return and relates to physical changes and circumstances. A planet also moves through the zodiac much more slowly in what we call progressions. Their movement equates to our inner and emotional development and fields of potential. Learn to construct and interpret progressed natal charts and planetary returns. Analytical emphasis is given on the proper weighing of all the factors from a growth oriented perspective. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Eight week CD set - $120.

Fundamentals Astrology Series Combination - All five CD sets (A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5) with 10% discount for $486.

NOTE: You may order the first lesson of any series of 4 or more CDs for $17.95 in order to sample the course and later order the rest of the series with the discount normally given for the entire set. Eg: Order A1 CD 1 for $17.95 then, later order the other CDs for $87.05. To do so, please contact the webmaster at (941) 286-1562.

Please Note: There will be NO refunds for media classes, only exchanges for the same CD if there is a defect.

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