J Lawrence Maerz

Pic-JMI’ve been active in psychological and esoteric study since age 17 and I am also the owner and co-founder of the Astrological Institute (AIIS), established in 1983, which edits and publishes CDs, DVDs and books on esoteric studies. I was also a former owner and co-founder of Starchild Books, now closed, from 1995-2005 in Port Charlotte, Florida with my good friend and co-worker, Sandy Anastasi.

As a seasoned personal coach, I work as an Emotional Troubleshooter and have a diverse background in the human potentials field incorporating personality influences, Shadow work, nutritional needs, creative expression and personal desires while uncovering and activating innate abilities and hidden potentials for my clients. I am totally dedicated toward raising our awareness and sharing our own unique understandings and perspectives about life’s journey and meaning. I also recognize a need for balance and accountability on our mental, physical and emotional levels as well as fulfilling our spiritual potential through individual experience.

Pic-Energizing -ST-Cvr-1pI've published five books. The most recent is entitled "ENERGIZING SELF-TRUST: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power." It not only covers ways to reclaim your power but also covers exposing and disarming harmful childhood patterns that inhibit our ability to access and use our Self-Trust & Confidence. It is applicable with or without the assistance of a therapist. For me, this has been one of my most important life achievements.

Beyond psychology and as a teacher my experience extends to metaphysical areas as well. Having “chanced” upon the book “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs” as a Christmas present in my teens I became totally captured by learning to comprehend the astrological dynamics of personality structure and its workings. To this end I began by teaching myself astrology and totally integrated my work with its concepts. However, this was still not enough for me and my insatiable curiosity which led me to investigate and incorporate Numerology, Mediumship, I-Ching, Tarot, Kabbala, Reiki, Eastern Medicine, Nutrition, Herbology, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Chi Kung and Kundalini Yoga into my bag of skills. In all this study I haves come to realize that there is a simple and sublime permeating structure beneath all of life’s dynamics. This realization awakened in me the fact that all of the seemingly different disciplines are no more than separate languages for the same principles with many crossovers in their symbolism.

Pic-Teaching-2-SheratonI have been on both radio and TV in New York and Florida. My chosen specialties are astrology, tarot, numerology, Oriental studies and mediumship. I’ve recently retired from “conventional” work so writing, teaching and learning, the loves of my life, are now in full swing. I currently live and work in Sarasota, Florida with my best friend, Mickey, my 13 year old half blind Pekingese dog. We come to great realizations together!


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