ByshoreRd-2J Lawrence Maerz and Sandy Anastasi have been teaching together for over thirty two years. Their long history together has seen hundreds of students enter the doors of their school, the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies, established in 1983 in Bay Shore, New York. By the time they had decided to migrate to Florida in 1989 they had over 65 series classes and workshops recorded on cassette tape and listed on their website. They also had a very large following of correspondence and online students and had taught and lectured throughout Long Island.

In 1993 they connected with Mary Alice Warren, the owner of Planet Earth Bookstore in Fort Myers, Florida and began to read and teach there. Within two years they had built up a following as far south as Naples and as far north as Tampa. In 1995 they opened Starchild New Wed-02Age Books and Gifts in Port Charlotte, Florida. The business grew rapidly until 1998 when a fire destroyed the shopping center and left them to run Starchild out of their home. Within a year the shopping center was rebuilt and the next door unit became available and Constellations Coffee shop was born. The business again thrived even including belly dancing, T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung among its classes.

T_DSC_0031In 2003 John Edward held a number of gallery sessions in the store and our spirit communication and mediumship program was born. We began an in depth study of mediums and mediumship and honed a streamlined, easy-to-learn and almost fool proof program for neophytes to learn and begin to communicate with the other side. Many psychics left our doors to apply their psychic and mediumship skills along with astrologers, tarot readers and healers. Our expansion of metaphysical education had surpassed our influence in New York. We were, once again, growing swiftly.

S_IMG16AIn 2004, hurricane Charlie devastated Port Charlotte. The store was left mostly untouched but over 480 businesses closed or left town. Our customer base had been almost annihilated. It was then in 2005 that John sold his portion of the store to Sandy and entered the field of social service which led to the publication of his last two books. Sandy had also been well on her way publishing the six part series The Anastasi System of Psychic Development. Both John’s and Sandy’s books are currently available on Amazon and their own sites.

Sandy continued on with Starchild but sold the unit housing Constellations Coffee Shop. Soon after Sandy sold the business to one of our students and within two years and without the visionary insight of John and Sandy the store soon closed its doors.

Sandy has continued on under her own steam to create where she maintains a thriving online metaphysical business. John also moved on to open and now runs seminars for reclaiming the Self-Trust lost in damaging childhood programming from

Well, there you have it! The history of two dynamic metaphysical entrepreneurs.

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