Psychic Development Workshops

PW1-Psy-Sel-Def-CD-CvrPW1 PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE - Do you feel drained after talking to certain people? Do you find it difficult to get off the phone or get away from some people? Do you feel exhausted after rush hour traffic? Learn the many ways in which we are "attacked" daily by people and situations that arise around us as well as techniques for dealing with them successfully. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW2-Dreams-CD-CvrPW2 DREAM WORKSHOP - Have you had it with those dreams that get you upset? You know there is some important meaning in them but you just can't quite get a handle on them? Learn ways to determine your own particular symbology, program yourself to remember and understand the results. Instructor: Anastasi & Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW3-Psychometry-CD-CvrPW3 PSYCHOMETRY - Have you ever gone somewhere for the first time and felt like you'd come home? Have you ever picked something up and felt immediately repulsed by it or unwilling to let it go? We register the vibrations of the places and objects we put ourselves in contact with but usually on an unconscious level. This is called psychometry. Learn why and how to recognize and utilize this amazing ability. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW4-Ast-Proj-CD-CvrPW4 ASTRAL PROJECTION - Leaving the body has been a tool for some, fantasy for others and a fearful problem for others yet. Learn how to control your out of body experiences. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW5a-C-Aura-CD-CvrPW5a SEEING THE AURA - The aura and its colors can change depending on our emotional state. To see the aura is not as difficult as it might seem. Everyone has the ability from birth. It's just that we've forgotten how. Learn the techniques to refresh your memory. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW5b-Feel-Aura-CD-CvrPW5b FEELING AND READING THE AURA - Learn to feel the energy that surrounds the human body and tap into your unconscious healing ability by diagnosing and polarizing the body and etheric field of the person who has come for help, both for physical problems as well as psychic impressions. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW6-PLRegr-CD-CvrPW6 PAST LIFE REGRESSION & ASTRAL TRAVEL - Have I lived before? Who was I with? What is regression? How do I do it? Does it use hypnosis? Do I have control? Will I remember everything? Past life regression through astral travel is a wonderful tool to add insight to our current life situations and also is just a lot of fun to do! Learn a simple and easy method to put you in touch and make you aware of past your lives. Included are a lecture and regression session. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

PW7-PsyPro&Clr-CD-CvrPW7- PSYCHIC PROTECTION & CLEARING - Having a strong stable foundation for handling our day to day activities is a real necessity in our personal working environment whether on the job or at home. There are many ways in which our balance feels compromised daily by people and situations that arise around us. Learn some of the ways we can mitigate the effect of outside influences through simple clearing practices and making small behavior changes in interpersonal exchanges in order to maintain control of your own energy. Instructor: Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

Please Note: There will be NO refunds for media classes, only exchanges for the same CD if there is a defect.

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