D1-I-Ching-CD-CvrD1 I-CHING - In China, the most ancient divination of choice was called the I-Ching. It was, originally, a system of formulating a question through deep meditation, tossing yarrow stalks and sorting the "answer" from the positioning of the stalks. In modern day we can use an abbreviated version of the I-Ching through tossing three pennies (weighted evenly as opposed to other coins) and reading the meanings of the different combinations of heads and tails as compared to the sixty four hexagrams or images used in the I-Ching Book of Changes. Learn the use and symbolism of this most ancient oracle for divination, growth, prediction and life understanding from a cyclic perspective. Meanings are correlated to other disciplines. Instructor: Maerz. Three week CD set - $45.

DW1-Pend-CD-CvrDW1- USING THE PENDULUM - You can learn to answer questions, find lost objects, find the best place to meditate, to live, etc. Learn to use this age old divination tool dating further back than recorded history. You will learn how to protect yourself, how to keep and care for you pendulum and how to phrase your inquiries to gain maximum knowledge. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

DW3-Palm-CD-CvrDW3 PALMISTRY Workshop - Learn the basic lines, planes, element patterns, stars, crosses and more in this intensive divination presentation. Begin reading palms as you learn. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

DW4-TLeafRdg-CD-CvrDW4 TEA LEAF READING Workshop - Learn how to prepare, read and discriminate differing divination patterns in the bottom of your tea/coffee cup. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

DW5-Shortcuts-CD-CvrDW5 SHORTCUTS for PSYCHIC READERS – Learn to combine the cards, numerology, planetary positions and transits to give on the mark readings yielding focused issues and precisely timed predictions. Experience with the cards and astrology is necessary. Instructors: Anastasi & Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

DW6-Auto-Write-CD-CvrDW6 AUTOMATIC WRITING - Learn to do automatic writing and receive quality guidance and helpers with proper protection and preparation in your divination. Instructor: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

Please Note: There will be NO refunds for media classes, only exchanges for the same CD if there is a defect.

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