P1a-Meds-CD-CvrP1a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 1 MEDITATIONS – Includes Progressive Relaxation, Lite Meditation, Worry Box, Energy Balloon, Third Eye & Open Palm Recharge, Workplace, Mantra, Chakra Exercise, NRG Screen, Remote Viewing, Long Distance Healing, Astral Travel, Past Life Journey and One Month Programming. Guide: Maerz. CD Wkshp. - $34.95.

P2a-Meds-CD-CvrP2a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 2 MEDITATIONS – Includes Progressive Relaxation, Worry Box, Work Place, Mandala Meditation, Chakra Exercise, Cone of Power & Long distance Healing, NRG Screen and One Month Programming. Guide: Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $23.95.

P3a-Meds-CD-CvrP3a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 3 MEDITATIONS – Includes Progressive Relaxation, Worry Box, Work Place, Group Healing, Meet Your Guides, Childhood Fear Elimination, Past Life Visit, Long Distance Viewing with Message, Astral Travel, Cone of Power & One Month Programming. Guide: Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $23.95.

P4a-Meds-CD-CvrP4a SPIRIT COMMUNICATION, CHANNELING & MEDIUMSHIP MEDITATIONS - Opens the five gates, opens a channel to your Higher Self and your guides, Builds your control room, sends a picture and receives a message for self and others. Guide: Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

YW1-Beg-Med-CD-CvrYW1 BEGINNER’S MEDITATION - Learn some of the simplest ways of entering a meditative state and maintaining it with special attention to environment, state of mind, intent, breathing, yoga and many other factors. Class includes a guided meditation. Instructor & Guide: Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

YW2-Chak-Med-CD-CvrYW2 CHAKRA MEDITATION - Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or vortex. We have 7 chakras or energy vortices. When they become clogged with emotional debris we become sluggish, foggy and unfocused. The class covers the colors, glands, nature kingdoms and many other aspects that relate to each center and finishes with an exercise designed to clear the chakras and the auric field. Instructor & Guide: Maerz. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

Y3-Self-Heal-CD-CvrY3 SELF HEALING - This meditation leads you in the cleansing, self-healing, energizing and regeneration of your entire body. Softly spoken against a background of soothing ocean surf, it is non-intrusive. It can be played at any time, though, you'll find it most effective if played just before sleeping or if you have a continuous play recorder, play it all night while you sleep! Guide: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

Y4-Meet-Guides-CD-CvrY4 MEET YOUR GUIDES - This guided meditation will take you deeply into relaxation and then on to a spiritual inner journey to meet your guides. You'll encounter your life guide and your "protector" as well as your animal totem guide. You'll meet countless others who have been or will be your future guides as well as that highest being who lies behind your life's journey. Guide: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

Y5-Meet-HS-CD-CvrY5 MEET YOUR HIGHER SELF - Who are you? Most of us are newly awakening to the understanding that there is a higher part of ourselves that is also us. In this guided meditation you will be taken through a deep relaxation to your innermost being where you will come "face to face" with your Higher Self while strengthening your connection to this immortal part of yourself. Guide: Anastasi. Wkshp. CD - $17.95.

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