Channeling & Spirit Communication

Day 1 - CHANNELING – The first day you’ll learn your basic psychic protection requirements, how to use a combination of sound and energy to help you to induce a conscious “channeling” state in yourself so that you might connect with your Higher Self and your Guides. There will be chanting, invocation, meditation, sound and movement. You’ll finish the day off with various techniques to quickly enter and learn a "channeling" mode with a minimum of energy loss.
Day 2 - SPIRIT COMMUNICATION – John & Sandy will teach you what you need and how to open in order to become a medium. You'll learn ethics, protective techniques, and actually practice readings before the day is out! Learn "opening" techniques, as well as how to interpret information from the Spirit World. The only proper way to learn to develop mediumship abilities is in a thoroughly protected environment; this is it! Two day weekend seminar. Instructors: Maerz & Anastasi. Weekend Blu-ray DVD set: $199. Weekend CD set $95.

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Is Anyone There CvrIS ANYONE THERE? Reaching Across the Veil in Mediumship - In the short span of ten years Mediumship has emerged from behind a shroud of fantasy & charlatanism to become a grounded & respected part of the metaphysical movement thanks to the courage & drive of leaders like John Edward, George Anderson & James van Praag. Using psychology, common sense & easy skill developing concepts, this book will help you hone your ability to communicate with and heal your clients and those behind the veil. You'll discover your inner ability through exploring the philosophy, the practice & techniques of Spirit Communication, Spirit Healing & Soul Retrieval. This no nonsense & no frills approach presents a clear & direct path toward obtaining & building your expertise in the field. The only thing left for you to do is practice! Paperback. 2nd ed. 133 pages. By J Lawrence Maerz. ISBN# 978-0-986-43640-6. $15.95.

P5-Psy-Dev-5-CD-CvrP5 SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: DEVELOPING THE ENERGY & SKILL - In this workshop you’ll learn to identify spirit, recognize clairaudience, clairsentience, useful meditation techniques, advanced development and protection techniques and a working knowledge and development of your personal symbolism. You’ll learn a complete fool proof "system" designed to keep you in channel while you interpret the symbols you receive. You’ll learn how to recognize and validate who you are "speaking" to and how to present your information. By the end of the two-day workshop you will have done at least one successful spirit communication by yourself. Instructors: Maerz & Anastasi. Weekend Blu-ray DVD set: $199. Weekend CD set $95.

CD or BluRay DVD

P6-Psy-Dev-6-CD-CvrP6 SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: REFINING THE SKILLS & HEALING – In this workshop you will continue the work done in part one with discussions and exercises focused on levels of spirit, planes of consciousness, clearing spirit, spirit attachment and soul retrieval. One to one practicing will continue and is necessary for honing your skill. It would be prudent to have taken P4 and P5 in order to have a clear understanding and developed skill for enhancement and new capabilities. Fundamentals are NOT repeated! Instructors: Maerz & Anastasi. Weekend Blu-ray DVD set: $199. Weekend CD set $95.

CD or BluRay DVD

CHANNELING & SPIRIT COMMUNICATION - Combination 3 CD Sets for $258.

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