Psychic Development Fundamentals

P1-Psy-Dev-1-CD-Cvr P1 PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 1: The Fundamentals – This is a beginner's course preparing and developing your mental, intuitive and physical bodies through a process of meditation, visualization and other techniques geared to raise your consciousness, balance your brain’s right and left hemispheres, bridge your conscious mind and open your chakras and energy centers. In this module you’ll learn the practical techniques of protection, long distance viewing, self-hypnosis, telepathy and dream interpretation. This class can be of benefit to all levels of proficiency. Instructor: Anastasi. Weekend Blu-ray DVD set: - $150. Six Week CD set - $90.

CD or BluRay DVD

P2-Psy-Dev-2-CD-CvrP2 PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 2: Energy & the Aura – This class has been designed to teach you to perceive, see, feel and read subtle energies such as auras and other forms of magnetic energies especially for use in your psychic readings and psychic diagnosis of illness. The class will also include the use of visualization techniques, telepathy exercises, meditation and dream interpretation begun in Psychic Development 1. Instructor: Anastasi. Weekend Blu-ray DVD set: $199. Four Week CD set - $60.

CD or BluRay DVD

P3-Psy-Dev-3-CD-CvrP3 PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 3: Tools & Toys - With P1 and P2 this completes your in depth study in the development and enhancement of your psychic abilities. In this class you will have fun with "tools" intended to help you enter a deeper state of meditative awareness along with safe and easy protections. Your fun “tools” will include the pendulum, psychometry, using crystals for gazing, automatic writing, astral travel, past life recall, childhood fear elimination, raising your cone of power & self-hypnosis techniques to solidify your skills. Instructor: Anastasi. $90. Weekend Blu-ray DVD set: $199. Six Week CD set $90.

CD or BluRay DVD


PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT 1, 2 & 3 Combination - 3 CD Sets for $217.

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